One Lamb One Thousand Lambs Compassion

One Lamb One Thousand Lambs Compassion
Görsel 1
KitabevimdenPuan : 790.400
12,00 TL
İndirimli Fiyat (%30,7) :
8,32 TL
Kazancınız 3,68 TL
Once upon a time there was a funny old chicken, which stuck its head out from a pan of boiling water, which had been boiling for forty days, on a stove with no fire, inside a house without a stove… Those who saw this peculiar chicken ran to listen to what it had to say. The weirdest thing is they listened with their ears covered to the story told by this funny chicken, which would not cook because of its stubbornness. You, however, please do not cover your eyes or ears and listen to it carefully… Ürün Adı: One Lamb One Thousand Lambs Compassion Ürün Kodu: 9786054919840 Basım Yılı: 2015.00000000 Kapak Türü: Karton Kapak Kağıt Cinsi: Kuşe Kağıt Çevirmen: Ayla Abak
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Stok Kodu9786054919840
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