Anna Karenina

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“I know it’s sad for Anna, but I feel very sorry for poor little Sergey, having to live with such a cold and uncaring father.”

- Eva, 13

A guard had stepped back into the path of a train and been crushed beneath the wheels. He had been killed instantly.

When Anna Karenina arrives at the scene of a horrible accident, it is the beginning of a new and troubling time in her life. Will she ever find happiness with the man she loves?

Anna’s sister-in-law, Darya Oblonsky, is threatening to leave her selfish husband. Is Anna able to save their marriage?

Anna’s young son, Sergey, is sure that one day his mother will return to him. Can the pair ever be reunited?

Konstantin Levin is determined to marry Kitty, but she is dazzled by the lively and handsome Count Vronsky. Levin prefers a quiet life in the countryside to dinner parties and dances. Which of them will she finally choose?

Ürün Adı: Anna Karenina
Ürün Kodu: 9789752565999
Yazar: Leo Tolstoy
Basım Yılı: 2017
Kapak Türü:
Sayfa Sayısı: 64
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Stok Kodu9789752565999
MarkaGenç Kaknüs
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